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SharePoint 2010 Out of the Box Web Parts

Here is a list of all the OOTB web parts that are available in each category in SharePoint 2010. Lets explore each webpart in detail.

Category : Media and Content

  1. Media Web Part
  2. Content Editor Web Part
  3. Image Viewer Web Part
  4. Page Viewer Web Part
  5. Picture Library Slide Show Web Part
  6. Silverlight WebPart

Category: Content Rollup

  1. Categories WebPart
  2. Content Query WebPart
  3. Relevant Documents WebPart
  4. RSS Viewer WebPart
  5. Site Aggregator WebPart
  6. Sites in Category WebPart
  7. Summary Links WebPart
  8. Table of Contents WebPart
  9. Web Analytics WebPart
  10. WSRP Viewer WebPart
  11. XML Viewer WebPart

Category: Filters

  1. Choice Filter WebPart
  2. Current User Filter WebPart
  3. Date Filter WebPart
  4. Filter Actions WebPart
  5. Page Field Filter WebPart
  6. Query String (URL) Filter WebPart
  7. SharePoint List Filter WebPart
  8. SQL Server Analysis Services Filter WebPart
  9. Text Filter WebPart

Category: Forms

  1. HTML Form WebPart
  2. InfoPath Form WebPart


Category : Outlook Web App

  1. My Calendar
  2. My Contacts
  3. My Inbox
  4. My Mail Folder
  5. My Tasks

Category: Search

  1. Advanced Search Box WebPart 
  2. Federated Search WebPart
  3. Find By Document ID WebPart
  4. People Refinement Panel WebPart
  5. People Search Box WebPart
  6. People Search Core Results WebPart
  7. Refinement Panel WebPart
  8. Related Queries WebPart
  9. Search Actions Link WebPart
  10. Search Best Bets WebPart
  11. Search Box WebPart
  12. Search Core Results WebPart
  13. Search Paging WebPart
  14. Search Statistics WebPart
  15. Search Summary WebPart
  16. Search Visual Best Bet WebPart
  17. Top Federated Results WebPart

Category: Social Collaboration

  1. Contact Details WebPart
  2. Note Board WebPart
  3. Organization Browser
  4. Site Users
  5. Tag Cloud
  6. User Tasks
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